Moon Geun Young Garners Attention for Chubby Cheeks

Actress Moon Geun Young is garnering attention for her chubby cheeks.

The actress was last seen at Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin’s wedding on December 2, and she seemed to have gained weight since the drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night.” Her cheeks have gotten chubbier compared to the picture taken at the Halloween party Moon Guen Young attended back in New York. However her beauty is still enough to be dubbed “Korea’s little sister.”

Fans and netizens who noticed this reacted with various responses: “It is better to see her gaining a bit of weight. She is pretty either way,” “She looks prettier than when she filmed ‘Cinderella’s Sister,’” “Just gaining weight on the cheeks is an ability itself,” “She looks a bit different from the Halloween party? She is still pretty,” and “Moon Geun Young is so pretty. Her fashion sense is keen too.”

In the meanwhile Moon Geun Young is also gaining interest for recently shooting a winter photo shoot with Won Bin.