Lee Da Hae Started Working Out Because of Worries of Anorexia + the Beautiful Star is Afraid of Christmas?!

On last night’s episode of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment,” actress Lee Da Hae revealed the reason why she started working out. She stated, “I actually don’t like working out. However, when I posted a photo of myself while I was in the States, it stirred a lot of buzz. People started worrying that I might be anorexic, but I’m a big eater.” 

Lee Da Hae added, “Because I didn’t exercise, I looked limp and weak. I started working out because I wanted to have a more healthy-looking body, but now I really feel like I’m healthier.” She also revealed various stretching exercises for her thighs and lower abs.

Then, she filled in her fans about her post-“Miss Ripley” life. Lee Da Hae told, “I’ve been reenergizing myself with activities in China and various photoshoots. I need to start preparing for my next project as well.” Then she surprised both the reporter and viewers by saying, “I’m afraid of Christmas. I don’t have anyone to spend it with,” expressing her loneliness. When the reporter amusingly said, “Is that why you take so many photos of yourself,” she wittily added, “It’s an outcast’s pastime.”

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