SNSD YoonA and Sooyoung Can Eat All They Want Without Gaining Weight

SNSD recently recorded an episode of “The Beatle’s Code,” which will air tonight on Mnet. In the episode, hosts Yoon Jong Shin and Yoo Se Yoon asked the members, “Is it true that the members of SNSD can eat all they want without gaining weight? Do you really not go on diets?” The members replied, “We eat what we like, and pass on those we don’t like. Just like any other person.”

SNSD commented, “It’s not that we don’t gain weight no matter how much we eat, but YoonA and Sooyoung are the exceptions. They never seem to gain weight even when they do pig out.” They added, “Especially YoonA. She doesn’t even bloat,” causing a burst of laughter in the studio.

When asked who loved Korean food the most, all eight members named YoonA. They revealed, “Sooyoung and Yoona like Korean cuisine. But YoonA is a big eater, she likes it best when there are a lot of side dishes.”  

In the episode, they also honestly spoke about times where they were envious of each other. Taeyeon opened up about how she was jealous of Seo Hyun. She confessed, “We both starred in ‘We Got Married,’ but we were married to completely different guys,” referring her marriage with comedian Jung Hyung Don and Seo Hyun’s to CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa. She stated, “It’s hard getting cast in the same variety show with friends your age, and for that I was jealous of Seo Hyun.

You can catch the rest of SNSD’s stories on “The Beatle’s Code” tonight, December 9, on Mnet at 12AM. 

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