MBLAQ Releases Winter Single MV "White Forever"

Amidst the string of winter singles and special holiday tracks being released this year is the addition of MBLAQ‘s very own Christmas digital single, “White Forever!”

On December 9, A+ fans were overjoyed to see the music video release for the single featuring a glimpse of the boys in some behind-the-scenes activities. Ever since wrapping up their promotions earlier this year, they’ve been busily promoting all over the world, so the music video was undoubtedly a special holiday treat for patient fans. 

“White Forever” takes on a trendier, more modern feel compared to other K-Pop holiday singles, making it as stylish as MBLAQ is through and through. The chorus picks up with a festive beat as scenes of the boys at their concerts, fan meets and signings, and in the studio are interlaced throughout the clip. 

Check it out and enjoy the season’s joys below!