Filming Finishes for "The Thieves"

Filming for the highly anticipated film “The Thieves” (Also known as, The Professionals, or Bandits) starring Kim Yoon Suk, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, and Jeon Ji Hyun finally finished!

On December 7, filming of “The Thieves” finished with Kim Yoon Suk who plays the role of Macau Park. Filming began in June and took about 6 months.

For the day of the final filming, Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae arrived on scene even though they didn’t have anything to film. Kim Hye Soo was in another country so she couldn’t join in on the last day of filming.

The director Choi Dong Hoon stated after finishing, “After we filmed the last cut I didn’t want to give the Ok sign. I didn’t want the filming to end. I thank the staff and actors who have done their best throughout the long filming process.”

The film “The Thieves” is about a group of thieves made up of 5 Koreans. They team up with a Chinese group of thieves in order to steal a hidden diamond in a Macau casino. The film is planned to release in next year’s summer.