Min Hyo Rin As a Versace Muse

The ever-so-beautiful Min Hyo Rin took part in a Vogue fashion photoshoot that featured her sexy and mature charms. This photoshoot paid homage to the fashion designer Donatella Versace.

In the photoshoot, Min Hyo Rin wore clothes that were transfigured Baroque. The white dress did not reveal too much and maintains an aura of class. However, the dress reveals Min Hyo Rin’s thigh line which accentuates her body line.

The doll Min Hyo Rin is carrying was made by 15 different designers and the other stars that took a part in the photoshoot also held one each.

The dolls were sold at the Doosan Magazine Charity Bazaar, and all profits were given to a foundation that helps malnourished children.


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