SNSD Yuri is Prettiest when She Swims

SNSD guested on last night’s episode of Mnet “The Beatle’s Code” and revealed who each of them were jealous of. During the episode, Sooyoung told viewers, “I’ve went on several vacations with Yuri and her family. And I believe the moment Yuri’s prettiest is not on the stage, but when she’s swimming.” She expressed her envy at Yuri’s ability to freely enjoy swimming without any flotation tools.

She added, “I’m not good at sports, but Yuri is very athletic. She swims like a professional swimmer. For her honeymoon, I told her to go to an ocean resort. That way her husband will be smitten with her. “

Yuri replied, “I learned swimming when I was younger. Before I became a trainee, I dreamt of becoming a swimmer.  I enjoy the breaststroke and the butterfly [stroke].”

During the episode, other SNSD members also shared stories about times where they fought and were jealous of each other. 

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