Taeyeon Jealous over Seohyun and Yonghwa, Jessica and Hyoyeon’s Fist Fight?

SNSD’s Taeyeon admitted that she was jealous over Seohyun and her “We Got Married” husband Jung Yong Hwa.

On the December 8 episode of Mnet “Beatle’s Code,” Taeyeon revealed, “Even though it’s a fake marriage program, I was so jealous of Seohyun. We both appeared on the same show, but our partners were so different.”

On MBC “We Got Married,” Taeyeon appeared as a couple with comedian Jung Hyung Don while Seohyun was partnered with CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa. Seohyun added, “Taeyeon would always complain that the two guys have the same last names but are so different.”

Taeyeon continued, “I was jealous because she was able to star with someone at her age. That would have at least made my heart flutter every now and then.” She was asked if she didn’t feel any fluttering moments with Jung Hyung Don and she said, “It was just a variety show, you know.”

On the same show, it was also revealed that Jessica and Hyoyeon almost got into an intense fist fight. Hyoyeon said, “I had a fight with Jessica recently. I said something bad to her because it seemed like she didn’t understand me.”

Jessica added, “We got tangled up, but that was it – we just cried and it was over. But we almost really got into a fist fight.” Hyoyeon said, “I was really going to punch her.”

Tiffany who was on the scene also said, “The two were really scary. I had to stop Hyoyeon from the back.”

Jessica and Hyoyeon were forced to go back to their rooms, but after a while they came out and almost went at it again. But the SNSD members interfered and the fight was over. “It wasn’t that big of an issue to begin with. We both cried and apologized to each other,” Jessica and Hyoyeon said.

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