T-ara's Hyomin Formally Passes On the Title of Leader to Soyeon

On December 8, T-ara‘s Hyomin formally passed on the title of leader to member Soyeon, which was shown through a new picture update on Core Contents Media‘s official homepage. 

The two snapped a few photos of the memorable event in the music video editing room for their upcoming release, “Lovey Dovey.” The process itself is an important one, as only the group leader can participate in music video editing, music mixing, concept meetings, composer meetings, and schedule taking duties. 

Hyomin, who has been the leader since the group’s “Roly Poly” promotions, said, “There were a few difficult aspects because we took on Japanese promotions on top of our Korean ones, but it was a good opportunity. Soyeon is older than I am so I think her maturity and sense of responsibility will make her a better leader.” 

Soyeon said, “I’ll work hard so that ‘Lovey Dovey’ receives a lot of love. Our music video is 21 minutes and 17 seconds in length, and I’m sure that it will be one that viewers will not be able to turn away from without shedding tears.” 

In a more in-depth interview, Soyeon revealed, “Honestly, it is true that I feel pressured and heavy-hearted. Former leader Hyomin did such a great job and T-ara received so much love, so I feel more responsible as the unni to do even better for T-ara. In T-ara, the leader isn’t someone that stands above everyone else, but does all of the background work. I’ll make sure to become a leader that always reflects the opinions of my members.”

She continued, “I was the class president for five years in elementary school. I don’t have any siblings so I’ve always liked fitting in with other people. I’ll put this personality to use by standing in the middle for everyone. The members and our fans congratulated me on becoming a leader. I won’t formally be one until January of next year, so until then, I’ll help Hyomin so we can safely conclude our year-end activities.” 

Soyeon emphasized, “We’ll be holding a concert in Japan over Christmas along with a fairly busy year-end, so my main priorities will be to keep the members’ healths in check. Like I said on my Twitter, the changing of the leader in T-ara is not something special but something normal. I’m the fourth leader after Eunjung, Boram unni, and Hyomin, so I’d like to tell them that they did a good job and that I’ll continue their work.” 

We wish her the best!

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