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Jang Woo ♡ Eun Jung: Camping carries love.

Woo-Jung Couple go to a camping ground near their house with his mother-in-law. The master of camping, Jang Woo, shows off his skills and prepares a feast for dinner. His mother-in-law tastes his food for the first time, what will her response be? The dinner is full of laughter but during their dinner, Eun Jung suddenly becomes very jealous, what is it that makes her become so jealous?

The night deepens on their camping trip with his mother-in-law. Meanwhile Jang Woo and Eun Jung spend some intimate time together. During their romantic night walk, Jang Woo reveals his inner thoughts, what is Jang Woo really thinking about and how will their camping trip conclude?

Won Joon♡So Hyun: Let’s not fight anymore.

So Hyun and Won Joon have come to a couple camp to become an even happier couple. They gain a deeper understanding of each other through various programs. This time the couple learns how to have a good fight using a bamboo sword. What will So-Won Couple’s fierce bamboo sword duel deep in the Gangwon Province Mountains be like? They also face each other and whisper some sweet words of love into each other’s ears. What did they say to each other?

After their lessons, So-Won couple have a camp fire in the backyard. What causes the mistress, So Hyun, to fall in love at first sight for her farming hand, Jal-ba (Woon Joon’s nickname – Handsome idiot)? And they also express their love by drawing on each other’s faces. What did they draw? Will Won Joon and So Hyun become closer to each other through love and understanding?

Lee Teuk ♡Sora: We are G-Force, Guardians of Space.

Sora has come to the rehearsals for Super Junior’s concert to cheer for her husband. She first goes and meets the other members while Lee Teuk is holding rehearsals for his solo performance. But why has Sora come to meet the other members without her husband knowing and why is she giving them “bribes?”

Meanwhile, Sora and the Super Junior members decide to think of a new way to address each other. How will Sora and the Super Junior members address each other? Also in return for accepting Sora’s secret request, the Super Junior members ask for a wish. What will this wish be?

On hearing that Lee Teuk has finished his rehearsals, Sora hurriedly leaves the area and heads outside. The Super Junior members pretend that nothing has happened and welcomes in Lee Teuk. At that moment, Sora comes in, pretending it’s her first time here. So what has Sora and the members prepared for Lee Teuk?

And also what does the couple do that causes the Super Junior members go, “These guys are being really unreasonable, I can’t watch this.” 

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