HyunA’s Vocal Trainer Reveals She Was "Always Sexy"

On a recent episode of Y-Star‘s “Curious,” the vocal trainer of former and current JYP Entertainment stars like Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM guested on the show and revealed some interesting stories about the celebrities. 

On 4minute‘s HyunA in particular, trainer Go Yoon Hee touched on her sexy image. Every K-Pop fan already knows that HyunA’s walked a very fine line between her cute and sexy images since her debut. While on variety shows, she’s often seen showing off her adorable aegyo antics. But she undergoes a 180 degree transformation on stage, where she’s seen strutting her sexiness like nobody’s business. 

Trainer Go revealed, “I first met HyunA when she was a fifth grader in elementary school. She has a sexiness that you’re just born with, and that itself caused a lot of problems.” 

Continuing, the trainer added, “She would look too sexy even while wearing normal colored clothing so we had to dress her in colorful clothes meant for little children in order to cover some of that. Unfortunately, that must have made her look vulnerable, because some delinquent teenage girls stole her wallet at a subway station.” 

Looking sexy certainly seems to have its costs, but when you look as good as HyunA, I’m sure many fans would take the “risks.”