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#Infinity Challenge “Myung Soo is 12 years old” the 2nd story

The day is short and there are too many games to play. Myung Soo’s day as a 12 year old is still not over. Starting with the street games from the past to the hilarious makeup show, the “Myung Soo is 12 years old” special continues into its 2nd episode.

#So many memories!

It’s the early 80’s, the starting point of professional baseball. You become a child member of your favorite baseball team after endlessly begging your mum. We will delve into the children’s spit-ridden baseball story. Singer Kim Sang Hee, Actress Lee Hwi Hyang, the love of the nation Sophie Marceau and the 19+ stars that lit a fire in the hearts of these children. The “Infinity Challenge” members talk about the stars that they loved during those days. And the childish arguments about item “brands” continue on as a matter of pride. They talk endlessly about their past memories.

It’s a game you can do in any street. The game where the penalty is more interesting than the actual game, the embarrassing Rice and Barley game and they hold a ttakji (Similar to Pogs and Tazos) tournament in front of Jun Ha’s front door. Whatever it is that you have, I will flip it over. The birth of Champion Yoo, the king of ttakji in our town. He is a professional child card player and the King of ttakji. Champion Yoo’s skills cause a shock to ripple throughout the whole of the recording set. His skills will be revealed on the show.

#What happened at Jun Ha’s house

Myung Soo and his friends visit Jun Ha’s house. Jun Ha is the rich kid in the neighborhood. Once there they spot a very rare color television and VCR. They become completely immersed in the old TV show. They try and immediate the massive star of the show “Young 11,” nationally renowned singer Cho Young Pil. And they also watch the problematic advert that stimulated all the kids during their puberty. This makes the seven kids extremely curious and they think something is wrong with their bodies. They even begin to search through Jun Ha’s closets. The red video tape that is well hidden in every home. What are the contents of this video?

Hey kids, time for snacks. Jun Ha’s plump mother, who has the same type of body as Jun Ha, appears. And then the eye-dazzlingly beautiful older girl appears. The 12 year old Myung Soo falls in love at first sight of Jun Ha’s sister in a mini-skirt. Jun Ha’s big and violent older unemployed brother also appears. The suspicious family that looks really similar to each other. The 6 Children begin to get uneasy seeing the constant arrival of Jun Ha’s family, who all look like twins of each other.

The fight between the chic Myung Soo and Jun Ha’s brother eventually blow out into a fight between Jun Ha’s mum and Myung Soo’s mum. Myung Soo’s mother is usually elegant and always speaks in English but her fighting causes Jun Ha’s dad, who has just come back from Saudi Arabia and Myung Soo’s father, who appears to be running away from something, to make an appearance as well. The extremely hilarious Jun Ha Vs Myung Soo’s family make up show.

#The highlight of the street games, Squid and Dabanggu (Similar to Hide and Seek)

As active 12 years old, it’s too boring just playing inside at home. So they go out on the streets and start playing street games again. They set an innocent(?) penalty befitting of a 12 year old. They will be playing a tooth and nail game of Squid, with the loser having to take their pants off. A world first, the seven children play the match in all-underwear uniforms.

Great Myung Soo will lead his team to victory using the awesome cleverness Vs the great weapon Jung Jun Ha, the true iron man. The children scream out in horror as they are helplessly pushed around by the monstrous Jun Ha. It’s hard to believe that he is really 12 years old. It’s a fierce match that is equal to any football national team match. Which team will come out as the victor in the Squid game?

And there is no better way to finish up a day in the streets then a game of Dabanggu. Myung Soo is now completely used to playing the street and is now completely immersed in the joys of playing with friends. He even becomes the hero of Dabanggu by rescuing his friends captured by the light post.

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