Chae Yeon Stars in Chinese Drama With a New Style

Sexy dance singer Chae Yeon is gaining a lot of popularity in China. She is currently shooting a Chinese TV drama called “The Winner” where she appears with an unusual retro style. 

The drama, set in the 20’s, has Chae Yeon wearing a short cut wig with a country-side feelings. From the first published photos, it is possible to see how Chae Yeon’s sexy concept was replaced by awkward poses, giving her a new charm. In the first picture she is seen trying to kiss another male actor while in another she is captivated by looking herself in the mirror.

After a 3-year-long project, the drama “The Winner”, which cost more than 6 million dollars, is a love-triangle story with Chae Yeon playing the role of an innocent but attractive girl. 

The story takes place in post Kuomintang-Communist collaboration China, and is about three brothers and sisters’ love and vengeance.