Lee Ji Ah's Turning Point - Life After Seo Taiji, an Actress Reborn

2011 is a turning point in actress Lee Ji Ah‘s career. Last April, after it was publicly announced that she was ending her marriage with Seo Taiji, she headed into a downward spiral. For months on end, she secluded herself from society, avoiding all contact with the outside world. After half a year, she awoke from her daze to pursue and further her acting career.

She stated, “To be honest, I was lonely until now. I was not comfortable – even with my own self. But I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable now. I feel like I can converse and interact with people on a closer level now. I’ve come back to my place.”

As conveyed in these words, Lee Ji Ah has turned a 180. Unlike her previous self, she has become more open and approachable. It is evident in her work that she is really developing and changing into her character.

After coming out of her shell at the end of a lonely six months, she said, “I thought it was time for me to return to myself.”

After returning to the acting world, she chose MBC‘s “Me Too, Flower” as her first work since her long break. Likewise, her character, who hides her pain, also has many scars. This is her first time playing this type of character. At the “Me Too, Flower” press conference, Lee Ji Ah said, “I’ve never had this kind of role before so I’m still working on implementing this. I will do my best to meet everyone’s expectations.”

She did meet expectations. If anything, she exceeded them. Through “Me Too, Flower,” Lee Ji Ah has shown her potential to be a good lead in a drama. In past works, she was outshined by other actors, but she really grew and developed as an actress over the months. Her previous signature tomboy and city girl image has vanished, leaving a mulit-faceted actress in its place. There is no over action or awkwardness.

She’s shown us that she is a versatile actress as well. Unlike her more serious roles in previous works, she shows us her comical side in this romantic comedy. Her acting no longer shows posed expressions and staged actions, but genuine smiles and real tears.

Lee Ji Ah has really changed not only as an actress, but as a person as well. The public’s response to her has changed too. This new drama provides her with a chance to move on and put the past behind her.

“I Am a Flower Too” is definitely growing into a great work. We hope this drama will open up and reveal Lee Ji Ah’s hidden personal charms and talents. Hwaiting Ji Ah!

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