B1A4 Wants to Win Best Rookie Award in Japan

On December 9, rookie idol group B1A4 kicked off two days of their debut Japanese showcase at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball. 

Over 1,500 fans gathered for the event and Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports reported on December 10. “Korea’s five member rookie idol group B1A4, who debuted back in April, performed a total of nine tracks, including their debut track, ‘OK,’ and ‘Beautiful Target.'”

At the press conference held prior to the showcase, leader Jinyoung said, “We want to do our best to show a cool image of us in Japan.” Maknae Gongchan expressed the group’s goal by adding, “We’re going to work hard to win a rookie award in Japan.” 

B1A4 recently signed on with record label Pony Canyon, who will be managing their Japanese activities from here on out. Their official Japanese debut is slated for next summer, but they’ll be releasing a license album on January 25 including songs from their two Korean mini-albums, “Let’s Fly” and “it B1A4.” 

With the rush of Japanese debuts being made by Korean artists next year, B1A4 just might be able to differentiate themselves with their fresh, cute but stylish and trendy image.