Wonder Girls Ye Eun "Even When I Didn’t Study, I Still Had Good Grades"

The Wonder Girls made a guest appearance on this week’s episode of KBS2  talk show  “Do Dream.” In this episode, the five girls shared stories about themselves, their dreams, hopes, and thoughts on their careers.

Member Ye Eun,who is known for her brillant student image revealed, “Dance practice was very hard for me during our trainee days.While I was busy with dance practice and couldn’t study, I still managed to do well in school, my grades still remained good.”

She then added “But soon after we made our debut, the situation became reversed.”

Ye Eun was doing well in school without studying, but she had trouble with choreography although she worked very hard. She further explained that even with hard work, her moves weren’t as perfect as her friends. “I still practiced a lot, more and harder than anyone else, and I still was lacking compared to them.”

She then confessed, “Even though it was frustrating at first, I started to realize that when you strive for things you want, the joy you feel when you finally get them is on a whole different level.”

This episode of “Do Dream” is scheduled for broadcast on December 10.