Dynamic Duo Hopes to Aid Supreme Team E-Sens On His Path to Recovery

Dynamic Duo, who recently made a return with their sixth album, “Digilog 1/2,” has expressed that they would like to actively aid in Supreme Team‘s E-Sens path to recovery after his shocking confession to marijuana usage last month. 

The two recently sat down for an interview and shared their thoughts on the issue by saying, “He admitted his fault first and is currently reflecting on his actions. We acknowledge and support his decision. Anyone can make mistakes, but the most important thing is for the person to learn and mature from it. As he is on the path to recovery, we want to aid him to the best of our abilities.” 

E-Sens promoted underground before he made his mainstream debut under Supreme Team in 2008 through the support of Dynamic Duo and their label, Amoeba Culture. Although he’s been on the rise due to his talented rap skills, he made an unfortunate confession last month that caused him to be indicted for marijuana use, effectively halting all of his activities with Supreme Team.

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza added, “E-Sens is monster-like with his rap skills, and his lyrics are as honest as they can be. He’s extremely detailed in the way he expresses his emotions, and I hope to help him to better show his talents to the rest of the world. But for now, it’s important that he reflects on what he did.”