[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday - Immortal Song 2" - Dec. 10 Episode

Alien Baseball Team(외인구단),” “Whale Hunting(고래사냥),” “The march of the fools(바보들의 행진),” etc. The memorable songs from the hugely successful movies of the 70’s and 80’s will rise once again. The 70’s 80’s Korean Movie OST Special! 

  • The special guest for this week and at the forefront of rock ballad for the next generation, TRAX. TRAX is a great band that has even been acknowledged in Japan. Their rock spirit will be shown off on the show.
  • The great K-Will will be attempting to get 3 straight victories. Who will be the one to stop K-Will’s monopoly on the winner’s trophy?
  • The creator of new records on “Immortal Songs 2.” Ali. She causes the audience to break out into wild excitement. Ali’s “The Young You (젊은 그대).”
  • The greatest hit in Korean movie history, “Winter Lady.” He will sing the song from this movie with his sweet and emotional voice. Lee Suk Hoon’s “The letter written with tears(눈물로 쓴 편지)”
  • The dancing king, 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae attempts to do the Poppin Dance. The song from the movie “The march of the fools” has been reborn as a powerful rock song. Shin Yong Jae’s “Whale Hunting(고래사냥).”
  • Lee Haeri flawlessly sings the song sung by the legendary diva of the 70’s Kim Chuja. She gives a radical sexy performance for the first time on TV. Lee Haeri’s “While walking through the rain (빗속을 거닐며).”
  • The soft natured Brian breaks out his high note singing abilities. Sung by Jung Soo Ra from the hit movie “Lee Jang Ho’s Alien Baseball Team,” Brian’s “From Me to You (난 너에게).”

And here are the original songs for reference.

Credits: pops8090@yt
Kim Soo Chul’s “The Young You (젊은 그대).”

Credits: ohsebony@yt
Kim Sae Hwa’s “The letter written with tears(눈물로 쓴 편지)”

Credits: ekftkfkd@yt
Song Chang Shik’s “Whale Hunting(고래사냥).”

Credits: BuSanYoung@yt
Kim Chu Ja’s “While walking through the rain (빗속을 거닐며).”

Credits: pops8090@yt
Jung Soo Ra’s “From Me to You (난 너에게).”

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