Oh In Hye Almost Sued Plastic Surgeon for Calling Her Breasts Fake

“I never knew I would receive so much hate comments.”

Oh In Hye thought no matter how much she tried to shine on the red carpet of Busan International Film Festival, she would never become noticed and just be covered by the top actors and actresses. Just having one snapshot of a picture would be pure luck. However, she was indeed more than noticed at the red carpet, but she never expected the outcome after that.

The actress confessed, “My name was on every photo website, search engine, and any news related to Busan. I was surprised since it was a first in my life but I could not be upset of the overflowing number of articles. But I thought there were more interesting places and things in Busan, why focus on me? Of course I cannot blame anyone. I knew being in the spotlight would be scary but I did not know what to to do when I was actually the one being in it.”

At first hateful comments were enough to have the actress stop the daily use of the Internet. Comments increased as more articles were written. But as time gradually went on, the comments were actually better to handle. Oh In Hye almost sued a cosmetic surgeon who appeared on a cable channel when he nonchalantly said, “These kinds of breasts are 100% fake.”

Oh In Hye explained, “For a moment I was so shocked and angry I thought of suing him. The public would have no hesitance to believe him since he is a specialist. I think that day I drank and cried a lot. It was easier to take in all the hateful comments but I could not stand distorted rumors. I even thought, ‘Did I do something that bad to make that person lie to the public?’”

On the other hand, Oh In Hye was known to the public for her revealing “orange dress” worn at the Busan Film Festival. Another revealing outfit she wore recently also was at the center of attention. She’s soon coming up with a new movie featuring her nude bed scene as well.


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