SNSD Captivates Singaporean Fans with "2011 Girl’s Generation Tour"

Following their stops in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, SNSD has taken Singapore by storm with their two-day concert, “2011 Girl’s Generation Tour in Singapore,” at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

The nine ladies captivated a 20,000 member audience in a stadium that’s had big names like Justin Bieber and Rihanna perform before. Tickets were sold out just four hours after going on sale, leading to the addition of another date. This only fueled the rising anticipation of the girls’ mark in Singapore, as they were said to have been the first ever foreign female artist to hold a solo concert in the country. 

After opening with “Genie” in a magic lamp, the girls went on to perform hits like “Mr. Taxi,” “Kissing You,” “Oh!” “Gee,” and “Into the New World.” There were other fun stages to be seen like tap dancing, cha cha cha, and a piano performance, all amounting to a whopping total of 32 songs to aptly bring out each of their charms. 

The highlight of the concert was the performance of “The Boys,” to which the crowd responded by chanting back in Korean, “Right now is Girl’s Generation, the future is Girl’s Generation, and Girl’s Generation forever.” 

At the press conference held prior to the concert on December 10, media outlets like Bloomberg, Straits Times, Lianhe Wanbao, U Weekly, and Yahoo showed up, showing much interest in the girls. 

SNSD will be continuing their tour to Hong Kong on January 15, 2012.