Wonder Girls’ Sohee Reveals Sunye’s Nickname for Her Boyfriend

The Wonder GirlsSohee commented on the topic of leader Sunye and her relationship with her boyfriend while appearing on MBC‘s “Quiz That Changes the World” on December 10. 

Sunye began the segment by saying, “Thankfully, I had the support of my members and Park Jin Young, which was how I mustered the bravery to come forth with it. It has only been six months since I have been with my boyfriend, but I still wanted to receive congratulatory messages by people that love me the most.” 

The MCs asked about his career, and Sunye replied with a smile, “We met in Haiti. It was my first time doing volunteer work, and fortunately, I was able to discover such a ‘present’ through the experience.” 

The attention was turned to fellow member Sohee, who said, “They frequently video call each other; they’re really cute. Unni even calls her boyfriend ‘Honey.'” 

“Sohee, do you want to have a public relationship as well?” the MCs asked. Sohee wittily replied back, “I first want to make a boyfriend,” leading everyone else to erupt in laughter.