T-ara Eunjung’s Bath Scene for "Queen Insoo" Revealed

JTBC‘s weekend drama “Queen Insoo”  has released two new still cuts of T-ara‘s Eunjung in a relaxing bath scene that has netizens noticing her “bagel girl” figure. 

According to production officials, the scene was filmed on December 10 in freezing weather. Eunjung earned the praise of staff members on set with her professional attitude and the way she pulled off the scene looking feminine and natural despite the less than ideal weather conditions. 

Unlike the powerful, charismatic T-ara member fans are mostly used to on stage, the pictures show her in a calm, relaxed state, where she looks both focused and natural. 

“It was my first bathing scene so I was a bit shy, and the cold weather made it harder than usual, but I still tried my best. I hope that the scene looks beautiful on screen,” Eunjung commented. 

Eunjung is playing the younger version of Queen Insoo, who is played by actress Chae Shira. The drama is currently seeing much success in its viewer ratings, as it tells the tale of a power struggle and betrayal between three ladies as they fight for the throne.