[Exclusive] Boyfriend Sends Special Shout-Out Video

Boyfriend has sent us an exclusive shout out video to celebrate the release of their third single album, “I’ll Be There,” and their 200th day anniversary! Just two months after they came out with their second single album, “Don’t Touch My Girl,” Boyfriend is back with another pop dance track that features a lot of fun melody. They also just celebrated their 20th day anniversary on December 11, making this shout-out video extra special!



Boyfriend is a six-member boy group comprised of Dong Hyun, Hyun Sung, Jung Min, Young Min, Kwang Min, and Min Woo. Since their debut single “Boyfriend” in May, they’ve enjoyed more success in October with second single, “Don’t Touch My Girl.” Kwang Min, Young Min, and Min Woo have also made appearances in MBC drama “All My Love,” showing their versatility in singing and acting. Here’s their latest music video, “I’ll Be There.” Enjoy!