Yun Jung Hee Receives LAFCA’s Best Actress Award over Kirsten Dunst

The actress Yun Jung Hee received the “Best Actress” award for her role in the film “Poetry” for the 2011 LAFCA. (Los Angeles Film Critics Association) The runner-up for the award was Kirsten Dunst for her role in “Melancholia.” For the L.A. Film Critics Association, the “Best Picture” was the film “The Descendants.”

The actress Yun Jung Hee received positive criticism that she was able to really express her character. The word about the film is that her portrayal of an Alzheimer senior citizen was very impressive. This is the second time that a Korean actress has received the “Best Actress Award” from the LAFCA. (The last time was Kim Hae Ja for her role in “Mother.”)

The film “Poetry” itself has received 5 different awards.

The film is basically about “Mi-Ja” who lives with her teenage grandson. The two have a meager living. One day she finds out that her son was involved in a rape of a fellow student, who committed suicide. Then she finds out that she has Alzheimer’s syndrome. Despite all of these occurrences she continues to go to her poetry classes, and keeps her childlike outlook.

Check out a trailer of the film below: