There has been talk recently saying that IU’s newest title song, “You and I,” reminds people of a song by Jang Ki Ha and Faces.

In the midst of IU’s dominance in the music world with her title track,”You and I,” from her second official album, “Last Fantasy,” netizens have pointed out that the song reminds them of a song by Jang Ki Ha and Faces, “Be in Such a Relationship.

The reason for this is because of a certain line from IU’s “You and I.” It goes, “You and I, we can’t be together right now.” It is similar to Jang Ki Ha and Faces’ song at this part: “You and I, we are in such a relationship.” When sung in Korean, the “you and I” part of both songs have similar sounding lyrics as well as the song pitch.

On the episode of Music Bank” on December 9, IU was asked, which question she received the most after her comeback. To that, she replied, “I heard that my song was similar to Jang Ki Ha’s song.” She also continued to sing a part of “Be In Such A Relationship.”

Netizens commented on this with, “They are really similar,” “When IU sings, ‘You and I…’ I keep thinking of Jang Ki Ha,” and so on.

Take a listen to both songs and see what you think!

IU – “You And I” (starting at 2:23)

Jang Ki Ha and Faces – “Be In Such A Relationship” (starting at 1:32)