Park Jung Hyun Confesses, "I Was Dragged to the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Tears"

Singer Park Jung Hyun confessed her tearful story about her appearance.

On an episode of “Come To Play” that aired on December 12, Park Jung Hyun shared her thoughts of her current nickname, “The Nation’s Fairy.” She said, “I’ve only been critiqued through my music for all this time but now, people are taking interest in my appearance. It’s such a unfamiliar thing for me.”

Park Jung Hyun revealed that her childhood nickname was “The Ugly Duckling.” She said, “My younger brother is very pretty. My brother had the looks and I was only complimented on my personality.”

She also revealed that as soon as she arrived in Korea, her agency mentioned plastic surgery to her. she said, “At first I said I didn’t know but they took me to the plastic surgery clinic without telling me. If I wanted plastic surgery, it would have been okay but at that time, I did not. I was in my twenties and without knowing, I was crying from the shock.”

She continued, “After that, the CEO of the agency never brought that topic up again.” She said that she didn’t like her single eyelids the most. She said, “When I was young and bought fashion magazines, I would look at the makeup tutorials. But for all of them, you needed to have double eyelids. I was so upset.”

She said that ever since then, she stopped caring about her appearance. Then when asked, “Aren’t you satisfied with your appearance now,” she casually answered, “I think I’m alright.”

Meanwhile, on this “Mentor Special” episode of “Come To Play,” other guests are Lee Seung  Hwan, Yoon Il Sang and Yoon Sang.

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