Uee Garners Attention for Her Past Appearance in Shinhwa’s Music Video

After School member Uee is garnering attention for her past appearance.

A captured picture was recently uploaded on an online community website with the title: “After School’s Uee, Appears in Shinhwa’s music video in her trainee days.”

The revealed picture shows trainee Uee wearing a sleeveless tee while playing the drums in Shinhwa’s “Once In a Lifetime” music video.

It shows a different side oft Uee as compared to today. The fresh image portrays a unique charm that she usually does not show.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture reacted various responses: “She is a bit plump compared to now but there is not much different other than that,” “She really is showing off her increased beauty these days,” and “She is good at acting and has a great personality too.”