Wonder Girls Gains Attention for Appearing Without Makeup on "Star Life Theater"

Wonder Girls’ no makeup face has been revealed recently.

On “Star Life Theater” the singers were seen practicing their choreography before their Korean comeback. Not only were they skipping their sleep, but also dancing until they were drenched in sweat.

While they were practicing for their comeback, the five members realized later that they were in front of the camera without any makeup on. Hye Lim said, “I knew that we were going to be filming until yesterday but I forgot today. So I hurriedly wore my hat.”

Leader Sunye explained, “We are practicing our choreography today so it would feel weird if we are sweating with our makeup on. We thought that would be bad for our skin, so we chose to be not to put wear our makeup.”

“Star Life Theater – Wonder Girls Edition” will be aired on December 16.