Moon Hee Jun "H.O.T. One Step Taken Towards Comeback"

It appears that the legendary 90’s idol group H.O.T. has taken one step towards a reunion and comeback. Moon Hee Jun revealed the news on his show OBS “Kim Gu Ra & Moon Hee Jun’s Search Girl.”

On the show he stated, “When Jaewon finished his military service we started to talk about a reunion/comeback. We have decided on the general idea of when and how we will comeback. However, the comeback continues to be delayed because of details. We are still talking about a comeback together.”

He continued, “Although the members want to have a comeback, it isn’t easy to hammer out the details because we are all a part of different agencies. Although there were different opinions, we have agreed on one thing. If we get together again, we will follow whatever Lee Soo Man, SM Entertainment wants us to do because he made us.

Moon Hee Jun stated that the H.O.T. members have also agreed that if they made an album it would be under SM Entertainment.

The group H.O.T. was officially broken up in 2001. Here is a clip of their most famous song Candy!:

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