Wonder Girls’ Sunye Reveals More Details about her Relationship

Wonder Girls’ Sunye guested on yesterday’s episode of KBS’s “Hello” and opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend. While other members were also present, the MCs couldn’t help but pry Sunye about her boyfriend. Recently, Sunye had confessed on SBS’s “Strong Heart” that she was dating someone.

 Sunye started, “I met him while volunteering at Haiti.” She added, “It’s been about a half a year since we started seeing each other. So far, I’ve only held hands with him. Before, I couldn’t even do that. Back then it was hard to contact each other, so we kept in touch through e-mails.”

When asked what other members thought of Sunye’s boyfriend, Hyerim chipped in, “He’s a real gentleman and has a manly style.” The MCs then asked if he was good-looking, and Sohee made a great effort in trying to avoid answering, making those in the studio burst into laughter.