IU Gave Up College Because She Wasn’t Confident about Entrance Exams

According to KBS, IU revealed the real reason for not applying to college during the recording of the upcoming episode of “Win Win” (aka “Seung Seung Jang Goo”). Currently, IU is a high school senior; and technically, she needed to take the college entrance exams (“soo-neung” in Korean) this past November if she wanted to attend college next year.

IU confessed, “Truthfully, I gave up college because I felt like I wouldn’t be able to answer any of the questions on the entrance exams. I debuted in high school, so my grades have dropped a lot.” She added, “I really admire those who were able to adapt and do well at school after receiving special admission. You have to study a lot harder in college than you do now.” 

She continued, “Even in high school, I wasn’t able to attend much of my classes. And it got me thinking about whether that will happen again in college. My parents were opposed to my decision, but I plan to study composition and harmonics and become a better person.”

You can hear more about IU’s stories on “Win Win” tonight, December 13, at 11:15PM KST on KBS. 

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