As opposed to what we reported earlier today, Jang Woo Hyuk and Tony An denied rumors of their impending H.O.T. comeback.

On December 13, Tony An wrote on his Twitter, “Lots of people are excited about our random reunion rumors…but what the heck is this? Can someone explain please…” expressing confusion over earlier reports that had all five members agreeing to H.O.T.’s comeback and working under SM Entertainment’s chairman Lee Soo Man. Jang Woo Hyuk also said, “What? What? What is going on?” sounding puzzled over the buzz created from the unfound rumors.

Earlier today, Moon Hee Joon was reported to have said all five H.O.T. members had agreed to reuniting, although the details are yet to be determined. Appearing on the OBS show, “Kim Gu Ra & Moon Hee Jun’s Search Girl,” Moon Hee Jun supposedly said, “Although the members want to have a comeback, it isn’t easy to hammer out the details because we are all a part of different agencies. Although there were different opinions, we have agreed on one thing. If we get together again, we will follow whatever Lee Soo Man, SM Entertainment wants us to do because he created us (H.O.T.).”

This is not the first time we’ve heard this rumor. Every year rumors of an H.O.T. reunion continues to surface, and they’re always ranked #1 on surveys of “Idol Groups You Miss the Most.” But they keep failing to bring any fruitful results and this may be just another case of false rumors spreading online.

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