Boyfriend Hides 300 Unique Polaroid Photos in Their "I’ll Be There" Single

Boyfriend recently made a surprise winter comeback for their fans with their latest single, “I’ll Be There.” Apparently, the surprise isn’t just ending there, as the boys have prepared yet another surprise event to warm the hearts of their fans this holiday season!

Boyfriend revealed that they have hidden away 300 different polaroid shots inside 300 limited “I’ll Be There” single releases. 

The polaroids were taken during the past 200 days with the boys on the set of their photoshoots, music videos, and album preparations, as a way of letting fans into a moment of their lives. 

Boyfriend wrote on their official fancafe, “What are the polaroid pictures seen behind me? They’re a hidden secret to be included in our album.. We’ve prepared special presents for our third single!! This picture is a hidden secret. We’ve hidden away pictures taken from our daily lives and music video photoshoots!” 

Fans commented, “A Boyfriend photo all my own, just thinking about it makes me happy,” “It must’ve been so hard to take pictures of everything,” and “So much care, Boyfriend is the best!”

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