Lee Min Jung Named the "Smiling Angel"

Back in July, actress Lee Min Jung has been appointed as the spokesperson for Korea’s Make-a-Wish Foundation. The Make-a-Wish Foundation helps children with life-threatening illnesses by granting their wishes to give them a sense of hope, strength, and joy. On November 23, Lee Min Jung completed a photoshoot with renowned photographer Kwon Young Ho and three children who were able to fulfill their wishes through the foundation.

The concept of the shoot focused on the distinct dreams of the three children – air force pilot, model, and robot researcher.  Smiling warmly and posing affectionately, Lee Min Jung managed to ease the children who were slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera. As such, those at the studio and fans have nicknamed her the “smiling angel.”

Once the shoot ended, Lee Min Jung stated, “I was happy to see that while they’re still fighting their diseases, they didn’t lose hope and continued to smile brightly.” She added, “I was grateful to be given the opportunity to have such a great time with these children.”

In related news, Lee Min Jung’s upcoming movie “Wonderful Radio,” costarring Lee Jung Jin and Lee Kwang Soo, is set to premiere this January nationwide.



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