Super Star K2 Kim Geu Rim Upset over Censor Between Her Thighs

On December 6, Kim Geu Rim appeared on MBN’s “Choongmooro Wageul Wageul.” On the episode, they censored out the area between Kim Geu Rim’s thighs as if there was some kind of exposure.

MBN was accused of trying to create controversy on purpose. MBN stated, “We did not censor out that part for any particular reason. We did not know that it would become such an issue.” They also stated that they would be careful so that something like this would never happen again.

Kim Geu Rim gave her own thoughts on the incident through Twitter, “That was a shocking incident. For TV and on stage because there are cameras that film at every angle I always wear underpants (briefs that go over underwear). I am really upset that such an incident happened because of underpants, they aren’t even panties.”


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