Seo In Young "I Am the Ruler for Explicitness in the Middle East"

Seo In Young gave advice to younger girl groups about performing in the Middle East. On the December 13 episode of SBS “Strong Heart” she talked about an incident at Abu Dhabi.

She stated, “I recently came back from a Middle East concert. I am not usually nervous, but I was a bit worried that I would be dragged away for being too explicit in such a conservative country. I decided on how much skin I would show by matching Britney Spears who also performed on the same day.”

She continued, “When Britney Spears appeared on stage I was in shock. She had only covered the important areas and came out with nearly nothing on.”

Supposedly, the Middle Eastern police were shocked at the Britney Spears performance and decided that the amount of exposure should be set to Seo In Young’s performance.

Lee Seung Ki stated, “It looks like for girls group that want to perform in the Middle East should use Seo In Young as a ruler to determine how much they can expose.”


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