Actress Shin Se Kyung and model Han Hye Jin are garnering attention for wearing the same dress but flaunting with different charms.

A picture was recently uploaded on an online community website with the title: “Shin Se Kyung vs. Model Han Hye Jin, Same Dress Different Feel” on December 13. It was captioned: “The sparkly pink dress that Han Hye Jin wore, it looked like I have seen it somewhere before and Shin Se Kyung actually wore it recently.”

Shin Se Kyung was seen wearing the dress for the “2011 Style Icon Awards’” red carpet in March at the CJ E&M Center. Han Hye Jin recently wore it at the “27th Korea Best Dresser Ceremony” at the Hyatt Hotel on December 12.

Shin Se Kyung showed a curvaceous and refined charm while Han Hye Jin gave a slim and clean feel.

Fans and netizens who saw the picture reacted with various responses: “They each have their own charms. Even though it is the same outfit it can look different according to individual people,” “They are shining. I am jealous,” “The dress is really gorgeous. It matches well for a ceremony,” and “Not only are they flaunting the dress differently, their hairstyle and makeup also portray a different charm!”

Who do you think wore it better, Shin Se Kyung or Han Hye Jin? Let us know!