IU Explains Her Improved Looks

IU explained the reason why she looks different from her debut days.

When IU was asked if she had cosmetic surgery on KBS “Win Win,” she replied, “No, but if I compare myself to a picture from my debut days, I really did change a lot.” IU debuted when she was a freshman in high school.

She further explained, “I barely put on makeup then and I grew 1.8cm and lost about 10kg now. When I was younger I used to hear that I was pretty a lot of times. As I grew I got uglier, and that is when I debuted.”

IU added, “I think I got prettier compared to my debut days.” She said plastic surgery rumors were always there since her debut and her eyes are the most questioned feature on her face.

To hear more on IU’s life story—such as when she had to live separately from her parents and her parents’ odd punishment, check out “Win Win” which aired on December 13.