Wonder Girls Reveal Their True Height and Weight

Recently, the Wonder Girls guested on MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol Christmas Special,” where they confessed that the measurements on their official profiles were slightly exaggerated.

Yoobin revealed that her height had been slightly altered. Host Jung Hyung Don stated, “Since the info on your profile is pretty old now, you must have gotten taller,” to which Yoobin answered, “My height shrunk. I’m actually 161cm (5’3). I must have shrunk as I got older.” Yoobin’s official profile states that she is 163cm (5’4)tall.

Sunye also confessed, “I’m a little shorter than what’s stated on my profile.” Hyelim added, “My height and weight are a bit different as well. I’m actually a little taller. I’m 165cm (5’5) and I weigh 50kg (110lbs),” surprising even her fellow members.

Even hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn were surprised to see the girls so honest and open about their true measurements. The “Weekly Idol Christmas Special,” featuring the Wonder Girls, will air this Saturday, December 17, on 2PM KST.

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