SNSD Greets Junior Group with 90 Degree Bow

Recently, a video of SNSD and APink exchanging greetings backstage has made its way through various internet communities. What made the video interesting was the way SNSD greeted APink. As shown in the photos below, APink members bow in a respectful greeting to SNSD, and Sunny and YoonA returned the respect to their hoobaes (juniors) by bowing nearly 90 degrees.

During one of their prior radio interviews, SNSD stated, “The new groups are uncomfortable and uneasy around us. That’s why we greet them in a loud voice and bow 90 degrees. It’s only been four years since we’ve debuted, so we feel we should acknowledge others first rather than wait to be greeted.”

Netizens who’ve seen the video and photos commented, “Wow, they don’t just verbally say hi, but also bow 90 degrees,” “SNSD is well-known for being courteous,”  and “It’s so heartwarming.” 

In related news, SNSD is currently busy promoting “Mr. Taxi” in Korea. They will be releasing their maxi-single of “The Boys” around the world through iTunes on December 20, as well as a special album in the U.S. and Europe on January 17.

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