SNSD to Mentor Troubled Teen Boys On "SNSD and the Dangerous Boys"

SNSD will be adding “mentor” to their list of good deeds this year, as they will be mentoring troubled teenage boys for their new JTBC TV program, “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys.” 

Through the program, the girls will be working closely with a group of teenage boys that have been chosen for their behavioral problems and lack of goals in life. As their mentors, SNSD will help lead them to develop maturely into respectable young men. 

Unfortunately, this won’t come without costs, as the boys proved to be the rebellious types that won’t listen to anyone on their first meeting. They even managed to anger maknae Seohyun, who’s known for her prim and proper ways. 

After working with a teen that refused to cooperate, she shouted, “You can’t live like this!” Later, she said, “It’s so upsetting that they’re living without any hopes and dreams like this. I really want to help them.” 

The first episode of “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys” will air on December 18.