"Koala Kid" Featuring Voices of SNSD Sunny and SHINee Taemin Releases Preview Trailer

The first preview trailer of “Koala Kid,” featuring the voices of SHINee’s Taemin, SNSD’s Sunny and Yoon Da Hoon has been released. The 30-second video introduces the characters, and gives a clue to the basic storyline of the upcoming animated movie.

As earlier reported, Taemin lends his voice to a white koala Johnny, who goes on a quest to save Australia’s natural resources. Sunny voices Miranda. Other actors in the cast were also recently revealed, with Yoon Da Hoon taking on Hammish and Jung Eun Byul as Charlotte, Miranda’s little sister.

Recording has begun for the two idols, who are taking on the challenge of voice acting for the first time. Taemin, known for his delicate smile in person, gave Johnny the image of someone reliable that could be a true hero. Sunny, in particular, is reported to have shed her cute voice to make Miranda sound stronger. Both singers are praised for their professionalism in the dubbing sessions.

“Koala Kid” (also known as “The Outback” and “Kid Koala: the Birth of a Hero”) is planned to open in cinemas in January 2012.