Which SNSD Member Takes the Longest Time to Learn a New Choreography?

Mnet aired the second episode of “The Beatle’s Code” featuring SNSD last night. During the episode, the girls shared more stories of their lives as SNSD.  

When asked which member took the longest to learn a new choreography, Hyoyeon avoided giving a direct answer by saying, “We’re all pretty good because we practice so hard.” However, the emcees refused to let the girls get off so easily; and after drilling them some more, the girls unanimously pointed to Tiffany. Apologetically, they added, “She really tries hard.”

MC Yoo Se Yoon then handed Tiffany the “SNSD’s Dance Book,” a Japanese book that teaches reader how to dance SNSD’s various choreographies, causing the studio to burst into laughter. 

The show went on to ask the girls about their interest in guys. When asked which member had the highest standard when it came to guys, the girls chose Sooyoung. She responded, “I don’t really have high standards. There is that ideal type I dream about; but in reality, I would like someone who’s easygoing and like a friend. I find men who work hard appealing.” In a different show that also aired last night, Sooyoung stated that she would like to date someone who didn’t work in the same industry. 

Seohyun revealed that she doesn’t focus on a guy’s appearance. Instead she looks to see if he “has a clear philosophy of life, can resist temptations, has good manners, and has a positive attitude.” MC Go Young Wook humorously advised, “You should date a minister,” to which everyone exploded with laughter.  

Yuri’s ideal type is someone “who has a pretty smile and is warm and thoughtful.” For Sunny, it’s someone with big, bright features.”

“SNSD’s Dance Book”

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