YouTube Launches Exclusive K-Pop Channel

YouTube has launched a separate K-Pop music channel, reflecting the growing presence of K-Pop in the global music scene. This is the first time YouTube has opened a music channel fully dedicated to a single country’s music, as the channels created so far have been based on musical genres, such as “Alternative,” “Electronic,” “R&B,” or “Jazz.”

The launch of a K-Pop channel was first reported in November when Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, made a visit to Seoul. Back then, Google was only rumored to be interested in opening up a K-Pop channel on YouTube, but with a number of K-Pop videos popping up on YouTube’s front page, it was clearly evident that the need for a K-Pop channel was arising.

“We are very excited to be the best partner of K-Pop, which as a separate genre on YouTube’s music category will continue to grow its popularity around the world. We’ll continue to cooperate in a variety of ways,” Google Korea said in a statement.

Check out YouTube’s first K-Pop channel here!

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