If Shin Bong Sun Had Plastic Surgery, Would She Look Like IU?

Could Shin Bong Sun look like IU if she had plastic surgery?

An internet community website had a user who asked this question and used photoshop to see what would happen. A post appeared on that internet community website with the title, “Shin Bong Sun’s Virtual Plastic Surgery.”

In the picture, Shin Bong Sun was made to look like she had plastic surgery on her eyes, nose, and general facial structure. The aftermath of all that virtual surgery makes Shin Bong Sun look a lot like IU.

Since the past, IU and Shin Bong Sun have been well-known as “Similar Looking Stars.”

IU appeared on a radio program in March and stated, “Even when I look at myself I think I look a lot like Shin Bong Sun. I think our eyes and chin look alike.”

Netizens that have come across this picture stated, “Wow. They do look the same,” “They look similar even without plastic surgery,” “Isn’t Shin Bong Sun already pretty? The two look strangely~ similar.”


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