Go Ara Shows Boyish Charm on "Elle Girl" Photo Shoot

Actress Go Ara is garnering attention for fashion magazine “Elle Girl‘s January edition photo shoot.

The actress, who has been called a “goddess” and a “doll” with her perfect beauty, recently flaunted a sporty and boyish look—a change from her usual cute and feminine photo shoots. The layered look displayed her natural and unique charm. The staff on set said, “We saw a different beauty that we never saw in Go Ara.”

During an interview Go Ara revealed, “I suddenly became a goddess, a doll, when I was not aware of it. I am very thankful of course but I am pretty chill and easy-going. I like to eat sundae-guk (blood sausage soup), gopchang (cow intestines), and doenjang jjigae (soybean paste stew) more than steak or hamburgers.”