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Infinity Challenge “Haha Vs Hong Chul.” ★

I can’t stand it anymore! I will now tell you who the real older and mature member is. Haha had issued a duel with Hong Chul on SNS for the whole world to see. The battle between the two same-aged guys finally begins. It’s the place where the two guys drank banana milk together, while working on their dreams. The war between Haha and Hong Chul begins at Han River. Haha and Hong Chul have both chosen 3 events that they are each confident in, along with a scary event recommended by the staff. The  feud between the guys become more and more heated. With their last ounce of pride on stake, who will be the one that comes out as the victor of this competition?

Infinity Challenge “Infinity Express” ★

The Infinity Challenge members boasted that they will personally delivering the calendars. You don’t know when and where one of the members will appear. The Infinity Challenge members make surprise visits across the country. “Infinity Express” will begin deliveries now.

# Infinity Challenge, they become delivery men for a day

From Seoul to Jeju island, there is a lot of districts to go to and there is even more calendars to deliver. The members have gathered in front of the location selection roulette which was made by analysing the amount of 2012 Infinity Challenge Calendars sold in each district. They begin to pick locations as delivery men for the day.  They have no idea which location the roulette of fate will stop on. What will be the 7 districts that the delivery men for the day have to work in?

Their delivery times are from 9AM to 7PM, just 10 hours. Deliver the most amount of calendars within the time limit. The member that has the best record will be given a gift and that gift is a coupon that will let them donate 10,000 calendars. It’s 9AM and the Infinity Challenge members start calendar deliveries in each of their locations at the same time. The member’s calendar delivery war now begins

# Infinity Express goes anywhere in the country.

The 7 delivery men begin their deliveries in earnest. They are all full of drive but they are handicapped by an unexpected and strict rule. Every time they successfully make a delivery, they get a measly 50cents. Fuel costs, food costs etc, it all has to be paid for using just this money? And they also have to personally deliver the calendars to the person that actually made the order, no matter what.

Haha selects an island that is difficult to get to by land as his target. But nothing goes his way. But here in this strange place, where everyone is a stranger, we bump into a passionate Haha fan. They show their joy with a passionate hug.

On the other hand, Hyung Don had to deal with everyone saying “Only Jae Suk” everywhere he went. He eventually takes the calendars and goes to a pre-school? The calendars are here~ my calendar~ Isn’t there any Hyung Don fans here?  

Meanwhile, Hong Chul has come to desolate village. After much travelling, he finally reaches his first delivery address. However, no matter where he looks, it’s all just a cemetery. It’s looking strangely unlucky for Hong Chul. What will Hong Chul’s future be?

Thanks to help(?) from the other members, Gil starts delivery by himself in a secluded location. He sets out to deliver a calendar that was secretly ordered by a guy for his girlfriend.

Jun Ha appears wearing his recently trademarked short-hair wig. As expected from the guy that has been highly successful in the 4th quarter of this year, he successfully makes his deliveries everywhere he goes and also gets a lot of favourable interest from people. It seems like he is going to have trouble free delivery day.

Myung Soo, who is running around on his feet to avoid traffic and the highly enthusiastic Jae Suk, who receives the most amount of love from everyone ranging from school student, old ladies and old guys. The 7 men’s energetic calendar delivery story will be revealed on the show!

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