SNSD’s Yuri in Casting Discussion for New Drama "Fashion King"

SNSD‘s Yuri will be the third member of SNSD to embark on an acting career, as she’s finalizing her contract for the upcoming SBS drama, “Fashion King!” 

Yuri recently received a love call for the leading role of the drama, which is scheduled to begin airing this coming March. The finer details are being worked out, but the contract will be signed and preparations for her first filming are expected to be completed by the end of this month. 

“Fashion King” tells the story of a a young man that finds success in the fashion industry from rags to riches, having started his career with bare hands in the streets of Dongdaemun. The leading male role is played by Yoo Ah In, while Shin Se Kyung is also in discussion as a strong candidate for the second lead role. 

For a while now, Yuri has been the #1 most sought after star for dramas but kept them at bay for her other activities, keeping her acting to a minimum in music videos and sitcom cameos. 

“I saw her acting through tears in a music video, and realized that she has skills worthy enough to be put on set immediately. I believe she is capable of acting the emotions of characters in their teens and even 20’s,” the producer stated.