BEAST Shows Off Individual Charms for "2012 FILA BEAST Collection" Photo Shoot

Male idol group, BEAST, is garnering attention for showing off their individual charms on a fashion photo shoot.

The group, who rose in popularity this year for “Fiction” and “When It Rains,” revealed the photo shoot, “2012 FILA BEAST Collection.” The photo shoot shows Doo Joon, Hyun Seung, Gi Kwang, Joon HyungYoseob, and Dong Woon all in different colored backpacks and shoes to display a colorful school look concept.

From chic charisma, to bright athletic, to casual cute, each had their charms. All of the oversized jackets were simple and sporty, yet individual members portrayed the color, plaid patterns, and metal details differently.

An official from FILA said, “BEAST’s bright yet chic charms helped FILA’s new collection and concept. We are planning to continue showing BEAST’s different charms from now on.”