Selca Picture from Fan Proves IU and Suzy’s Close Friendship

A recent picture of IU and Suzy has been gaining attention online. Recently, there was a picture of IU and Suzy wearing a black and a white mask, holding their heads closely together. It has been revealed that the picture was taken by a fan that recognized IU and Suzy on the street, who then asked for a picture together.

IU and Suzy together on Dream High, along with the picture that a fan took!

The netizens that saw this picture said, “How cute~ They took a picture so close together!” “They must be really close,” “They’re so irresistibly adorable,” “I have nothing else to say but that they’re the cutest friends ever,” and “Can I join you guys? I can sneak out of my house too!”

The last comment is from a story on the episode of “Win-Win” on December 13 when IU called Suzy out from the JYP dorms. They rode the taxi and wandered like vagabonds, enjoying their freedom. On the episode, IU lightly patted Suzy’s rear, sincerely showing their unique friendship.